Current Build Project

We started our build in Central NY

9/3/16 Log stairs and railings are done and that completes this log home. Stairs look awesome.

franklin180 franklin181 franklin182 franklin183 franklin184

8/22/16 Tile is done in front of fireplace and floors in dining and greatroom. Now its on to log stairs & railings

franklin178 franklin179

8/11/16 Master bathroom is done and ready for paint! Looks beautiful.

franklin176 franklin177

8/9/16 Upstairs floor and railings are done. Looks awesome!!

franklin173 franklin174 franklin175

7/30/16 The fireplace, Upstairs bath, master bedroom and master shower tile done. Coming out beautiful!

franklin169 franklin170 franklin171 franklin172

6/11/16 So the Kitchen, powder room, greatroom and sunroom are all completed.

Hope you like what you see! We think it came out great!

franklin164 franklin165 franklin166 franklin167 franklin168

4/9/16 Log rafters under catwalk, in kitchen and dining room. Some other pictures around the house. Its looking beautiful

franklin158 franklin159 franklin160 franklin161 franklin162 franklin163

3/4/16 Interior logs in dining room and into greatroom. We created a new corner this project. What do you think?

franklin156 franklin157

3/3/16 knotty pine finished on ceilings. Logs on the walls in master bedroom

franklin154 franklin155

1/10/16 the sheetrock is done upstairs and we have completed the knotty pine work on the ceilings

franklin145 franklin146 franklin147 franklin148 franklin149 franklin150 franklin151 franklin152

9/24/15 All the spray foam is completed. Next is to stain & poly knotty pine for cathedral ceilings

franklin144 franklin143 franklin142

9/15/15 Spray foam being applied to roof rafters to create a tight seal from moisture and drafts

franklin140 franklin141 franklin142

9/8/15 Fireplace installed, rough electric and plumbing complete and ready for spray foam insulation

franklin138 franklin137

9/3/15 Exterior all stained with 2 coats color and 1 clear, looks fantastic!

franklin135 franklin133 franklin136

7/17/15 We have started to stain the house! It is looking fantastic!

franklin131 franklin132 franklin134

6/30/15 Geothermal system complete. It is up and running. All water lines and rough plumbing completed. Waste lines and venting done. Next step is rough electric and exterior staining. We are moving right along!

5/26/15 Fireplace in and framed. All radiant tubing is now complete and concrete is poured over tubing.


5/15/15 Here is a some pictures of the radiant tubing upstairs and the concrete being poured.

franklin126 franklin128 franklin127

4/4/15 outside shots!

franklin124 franklin125 franklin123 franklin121 franklin122 franklin120

2/24/15 Geothermal heating system being installed.


1/31/15 Gas piping complete, boiler installed and now we are working on installing all of the components in the geo thermal system from the design. This is going to be an awesome and super efficient heating/cooling system!

franklin111 franklin112 franklin113 franklin114 franklin116 franklin115 franklin117

12/4/14 The logs are all done!! How exciting!

franklin106 franklin107 franklin109 franklin108 franklin110

12/3/14 More sections have been completed! Coming out great!

franklin102 franklin104 franklin103 franklin105

11/26/14 More sections of logs installed and caulked. What a beautiful look!

franklin98 franklin100 franklin99

11/22/14 This is how we get the logs to their final resting place, scaffolding.

franklin96 franklin97

11/15/14 Here is a corner view. Windows trimmed and butt and pass corner.


11/4/14 The logs are looking fantastic! One side is almost completed!

franklin90 franklin92 franklin91 franklin93

10/31/14 The logs are completed on the side of the garage and some of it is caulked! It looks great!
Check out the logs placed around the house.

franklin88 franklin89

10/28/14 Logs are going on! Picture framing is around the windows. Now its looking more like a log home!

franklin87 franklin86 franklin83 franklin82 franklin80

10/27/14 The roof is now completed! Knotty pine soffits are done! We started installing vertical log corners.

franklin63 franklin78

10/17/14 Knotty pine soffits are complete. We also started roof in hunter green architectural shingles. It’s looking better every day!

franklin62 franklin63


10/3/14 All rough cedar facia is installed, it really dresses up the exterior now. Logs are starting next week!

rough cedar1 rough cedar2

10/1/14 Log work has begun! The picture inside is the interior support post and tie beam upstairs. The outside is ready for logs!

interior support log ready1 log ready2

9/27/14 Deck framing is completed

deck framing






9/23/14 Log delivery day was Monday!
All windows and doors are installed and we taped the flanges. Its now waterproof.
Next step is to build the front deck!

delivery 1 delivery 2 delivery 3






9/21/14 Windows are going in!! It is coming along nicely!
We are ready for the log delivery tomorrow!! More pictures to follow in a few days of the delivery.

windows 1 windows 2



9/12/14 Trench for geothermal piping 6 runs set in sand starting 7 ft below surface. Also 2 water lines from spring wells are being put in.
Also check out the Front of house! The framing and sheathing are completed.

1 9-12-14 2 9-12-14  4 9-12-143 9-12-14







9/4/14 Interior log support posts. Roof sheathing zip system w/ taped joints. This is an upgrade to home package.

1 9-4-14 2 9-4-14 3 9-4-14front shot






8/27/14 The spring water tank has been installed this week

spring water tank1 spring water tank2

8/22/14 A log collar tie notched to fit roof rafters. It has been quite busy at the job site!

log ties1log ties2

8/22/14 Starting the pond. Got a cool picture of the bulldozer!


8/22/14 Making progress!







8/12/14 Ridge beam up and rafters going in

ridge beam






8/5/14 Great room gable wall and 2nd floor I joists complete and ready for plywood. Next will be installing joist hangers.

gable wall 1gable wall 2gable wall 3

8/5/14 Garage trusses are up!







7/27/14 Starting 2nd floor support beams. Sun room gable wall complete. It is starting to show its shape!

2nd floor 12nd floor 22nd floor 32nd floor 42nd floor 52nd floor 6

7/20/14  The 1st floor walls framing is done!

1st floor walls1 1st floor walls2

7/17/14 The 1st floor plywood sub-floor decking installed and now ready for walls

1st floor plywood1st floor plywood 2







7/15/14 Framing of the first floor I-joists and support beams

first floor1first floor2first floor3first floor4

6/26/14 First of the three trucks on 6/26/14. Now we can start building this beautiful home!

delivery1  delivery2delivery3






6/22/14  Radiant floor heating tubing with plastic and 2 inch foam insulation panels underneath it, followed by 4 inches of concrete.

radiant heat radiant heat1







5/13/14 The foundation is complete, back filled and graded. We are now ready for our log home. Stay tuned! The delivery date is June 26, 2014

backfilled backfilled1











5/2/14 The concrete walls have been poured

walls walls2 walls3













4/19/14 The walls have been started. The drainage piping for under the floor in the basement has been installed.

drainage drainage 1








4/6/14  The forms were completed and the concrete trucks were on site. They poured the concrete in the footings. Next step is to form the walls and install footing drains.

concrete trucksforms complete







3/20/14 Last week we were able to break ground. Next is to begin footings for the foundation


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