Specializing in Log Home Design, Building and Site Planning

Log Home Builder and Dealer

At Expedition Log Homes of Central NY, we have over 23 years of experience building log homes and cabins.  We offer full size log homes, cabins, 1/2 log homes in many different styles, sizes and wood types.  We have log several home plans for you, or we can build from your own custom plans.

We will gladly compare any other log cabin packages that you might be interested in to ours, excluding price if you wish. You will find out for yourself, we can offer you the most complete home package ( including sealed construction drawings) available today.

Explore Expedition Log Home Builders of Central NY, and we assure you you will not be disappointed and we will strive to make your dream a true reality.

The Expedition Log Home Builder’s Difference!

•Handcrafted Logs
•Kiln-Dried Logs
•Log Profiles
•Corner Systems
•Log Cabin Design Services
•Affiliated with an experienced Nationwide log home dealer network. (Visit ExpeditionLogHomes.com for more information)
•Engineer Stamped Plans
•Energy Efficient Log Home Building Systems

Expedition use logs for our log homes that are harvested from managed forests and cut to yield to assure the best components are made from each tree.